Lobutcha Hunting Club, Great Mississippi Hunting

Welcome to Lobutcha Hunting Club, a great place to go deer hunting in Mississippi. Located between Louisville and Kosciusko, MS on Hwy 14, just a few miles away from the old stomping grounds of the 1995 World Record Fulton Buck. As a member you have access to nearly 12,000 acres of scenic rolling pine woodland, huge clear cuts, planted pine cutovers of all ages and hardwood creek bottoms that would make any serious bow hunter weak at the knees at first glance. The largest part of the land in Lobutcha Hunting Club (11,000 acres) is in one consecutive block behind locked gates with over 45 miles of well maintained private gravel roads.

Lobutcha offers some of the best kept secrets in the state of Mississippi when it comes to trophy deer hunting. In fact we have had members that have seen bucks So Big they were in shock to the point they could not even get a shot off. I won't call any names but I personally know of one time last year when old mossy horns was coming straight to the hunter at 30 yards gun shouldered, loaded, safety off, bead on the cheats and no shot! That same buck was seen that same day by 3 other hunters and only one man got a shot off and he missed. Now when was the last time you had buck fever?

The members of Lobutcha harvest about 150 deer a year with many of these being trophy quality. Having been on the DMAP program for the past 10 years has enabled many members to take a number of 130 class or larger bucks, with several of those being 150 class and one 177in. monster.

The hunting at Lobutcha does not stop with deer, this Mississippi Hunting Club offers some of the best turkey hunting in Mississippi. Some of the Toms on this land have mops hanging around their necks and daggers for spurs. Many of these turkeys have never even been hunted. But dont be fooled, this is no easy delta hunt. Boys, this is untamed hill country and these birds are sure to try the patience of even the best turkey hunters. If the rolling hills are to much of a challenge for you, Lobutcha Hunting Club still offers those great hardwood bottoms, easy rolling hills, and open cutovers for your turkey hunt. But if you think you have what it takes to go after the General and his Lieutenants, they are out on the ridge awaiting your challenge.

With many cutovers, thickets, hardwood bottoms and pine plantations, Lobutcha Hunting Club also offers all the right elements for the serious rabbit, squirrel, and quail hunter. With thousands of acres blocked off with private roads you won't need to worry about your dogs getting in the highway. There are plenty of rabbits, squirrels and birds to hunt. Our bird population is growing every year so get your dog to Lobutcha and see if yall are up to the challenge. Contact Lobutcha and get in on some great Mississippi Hunting.