About Lobutcha's Mississippi Hunting Club

Lobutcha Hunting Club's origins go back to the 1960's with members hunting in Winston and Attala Counties. Through the 1970's and 1980's this Mississippi Hunting Club began to lease tracts of land growing from a few hundred acres in the early years to about 3200 acres in the early 1990's. In 2000 Lobutcha Hunting Club formally incorporated and added a large lease to ensure ample hunting for its members.

After incorporation the club entered into the DMAP program to improve the quality of the deer herd. According to the Mississippi State Biologist over our region we are ranked number one in deer management among deer clubs in our region. We harvest about 150 deer a year and 30+ gobblers a year.

Hunting Safety

In all the time since our formation, we have never had an accident on our club and take great measures to ensure the safety of our hunters and keep our record intact. All of our dog hunts are highly organized and ochestrated to ensure the safety of all hunters and all dogs. All dog hunts begin at the camp and are carefully planned out. Every hunter is required to have a CB in their truck so you can keep up with where the hunt is going and have an idea of where other hunters are headed. Dog hunters are also required to carry a dog box in there truck so they can help retrieve dogs and ensure their safety.

Family Centered Hunting Club

Lobutcha Hunting Club prides itself on being a family centered hunting club. We welcome you to involve your children and family in your hunting experience and pass on the tradition of hunting to another generation. With the help of our members we will keep Lobutcha a Family Friendly Hunting Club

Camp Grounds

Members of Lobutcha Hunting Club have the option of paying a yearly lease to park a camper, erect a cabin, or park trailer in Lobutcha's campgrounds. The campgrounds are well lit, have community water and electrical power. There are private access roads that lead from the campgrounds onto Lobutcha Hunting Club's 11,000 acre block of land.

Deer Hunting with Dogs

At Lobutcha Hunting Club we still appreciate the adrenaline rush of deer hunting with dogs. While we make accomodations for all hunters and welcome still hunters and hunters of all wild game, Lobutcha is serious about hunting with deer dogs. There is nothing like the rush you get from listening to a pack of dogs work a deer. Make no mistake dog hunting is not easy, regardless of what you have been told.

Walkers are hunted in the morning through noon, hounds through the day and beagles are hunted in the afternoon. If you enjoy the sound of the hounds, the thrill of the hunt, or the excitement of the chase this might just be the place for you. Whether you are a diehard dog hunter, beginner or someone who has never hunted with dogs come visit us and see for yourself what a real dog hunting club is all about.

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